To solve this issue navigate to your inetsrv folder in your windows folder. To top all this up, you can also track your Download links with detailed statistics. You’ll know which are your most popular Download links and how many times a particular Download link was used. Sometimes you want to share something with one person, not the entire population of planet Earth. have file extension

A local .asp file won’t open properly with a browser. To open a .asp file properly, you must run Microsoft IIS in the background and then open the file as localhost.

IRS Extends Tax Payment and Filing Deadline Due to COVID-19

By embedding fonts, you are Rocketdrivers essentially attaching the entire character set within the PDF, which can puff up the file significantly. How can you slim down the size of your PDF document? While this heavily depends from PDF to PDF and the type of content it contains, there are a few general PDF creation options in particular which you should pay close attention to. Some fine-tuning here and there will go a long way to shave the megabytes off of your file. So then, what do you do when your files are just too large to share? Find your document’s current file format and decide how you wish to convert it. Usually, converting your spreadsheets, documents, and presentations into a PDF is the best way to create a smaller file.

  • This allows a user to change the size and position of the textures on shapes.
  • However, other popular markup types including KML, XAML, RSS, MusicML, MathML are compliant XML schemas.
  • In 2002, Microsoft released ASP.NET, which superseded ASP.

As well, you can usually set the desired resolutions and decide if you want to compress your images using popular compression algorithms such as ZIP, LZW, or JPEG. This is a good place to start to cutting down the bloat.

SQL Query to Export Table from Database to CSV File

If you made your payment with a money order, you must request a copy of the cancelled money order from the place it was purchased. A copy of your receipt will not help us track your payment. Generally, you cannot claim both a credit for taxes paid to another jurisdiction and a Form 1040ME, Schedule NR nonresident credit on the same return. However, if you are a part-year resident, and you earned income as a resident of Maine that was also taxed by another state, you may be eligible to claim both credits.

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Due to high volumes of mail, returns filed in March/April and September/October may require additional time for a refund to be issued. The Revenue Division may also begin collection activity for the balance due for your account. Payments not received within five business days after the due date will be considered late. Oh, and if you didn’t file for an extension and just let Tax Day blow by, you get a failure to file penalty, which is much harsher, believe it or not, than the one for failure to pay. By the way, there is no failure to file penalty if you are owed a refund. Fail to file for more than three years, and you can kiss that refund goodbye. Tax ID theft occurs when someone steals your personal information to file a tax return using your personal data.